British Chlorophyll Company Limited

Chlorophyll is the green pigment, present in all green plants, that critically supports life by absorbing energy from the sun to allow plants to convert water and the principal green-house gas – carbon dioxide, into the oxygen we breathe, and into glucose to fuel the growth of the vegetation we eat. This natural process is known as photosynthesis.

Although now primarily used as a natural green colourant in the food industry, chlorophyll, with a molecular structure similar to haemoglobin in our red blood cells, has been used in wound-healing and oral hygiene, and has long been studied for its ‘superfood’ capability and its potential human health benefits, having detoxification, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer claims.


Most valuable oral cleansing agent...

It is also widely regarded as a valuable oral cleansing agent and is commonly used as an ingredient in chewing gum, as well as being used in the cosmetic and soap industries and, to a smaller extent, the pharmaceutical industry.

100% Natural

The British Chlorophyll Company Limited is one of the world’s largest producers, and the largest in Western Europe.

We produce and concentrate chlorophyll exclusively from Lincolnshire-grown dried grass and alfalfa.

All batches are 100% traceable to the field of origin and are produced from pesticide-free crops.

As well as the naturally oil-soluble chlorophyll, we also produce water-soluble chlorophyllin through the process of alkaline hydrolysis.


For more information...

Please contact British Chlorophyll Company Limited, for further information on chlorophyll and details of other plant-extracted products.
We are a BRC certified food supplier and are active members of Natcol and the FAIA.
Our products are Kosher certified by the KLBD, a world recognised Kosher authority.